Artist statement


Sandra Daniel is a painter and printmaker.  Colour and shape are the main elements in her work. 

As an abstract artist, the titles of her work are sign-posts for her concerns of social injustices & contemporary racism.The greater the wealth the greater the crime.

Toni Morrison

"I always thought that evil wore murder, all thee things needed a tuxedo or a top hat or a drum roll because fundamentally they are not complex and not interesting they are devastating"

The 'Comfortable Existence Series' came about after her visit to Uzbekistan.

Daniel say's "I fell in love with the monumental buildings decorated in ceramic glazed tiles of ultramarines, turquoise , yellowsgreens and cobalt blues so much so that I can only compare them with the  moon."


Previous titles include 'Shadows Exposed, 'Hidden Truths' & 'White Construct' 

 © 2021 by Sandra Daniel  .  All right reserved

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